Poetry Party and huge thank you.

So last month I entered my poem Battle Ground in Memee’s wonderful poetry party, if you don’t already you should follow her, and join the party. What I didn’t know until yesterday and what I didn’t expect was I was one of the three winners last month, along with the very talented Blair, and Jarrod

I feel very honoured to have been a part of last month’s party, it led me to many wonderful blogs and writers, and I look forward to future parties.

This past month and a half have been huge for me, I didn’t know that when I started this blog I would receive such a wonderful, positive result, before this blog my writing had been between me and very select few, until then my dreams of actually being a writer felt far, far away, but each and every one of you make it feel more possible every single day, and I want you, my fellow writers to feel the same.

You can do this. I promise, If i can, you can.

Thank you all. xxx

(p.s looksie Memee gave me a little trophy. thank you, me likes trophies.)

howdoilovethee trophy


8 thoughts on “Poetry Party and huge thank you.

  1. I liked making the trophy for you guys. You are all very talented and I hope you will be attending this months poetry party which has already posted. 🙂

    When you have time, check your email, we have things to discuss. Busy week for me this week so no rush.


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